East Side Political Update

The Election Isn't Over Yet, And You Can Still Help Elect Democrats to the US Senate

While the General Election is already 3 weeks behind us as of tomorrow (but who's counting?), it ain't over yet, and we're not talking about Jill Stein's recount plan or a hail mary appeal to faithless electors. We're talking about the run-off for the open US Senate seat that will take place in the great state of Louisiana on December 10th. And you can help by making calls to voters from the convenience of your own home. Email Mark Abramovich, a volunteer coordinator right here in NYC for Democratic candidate Foster Campbell, to find out more. Or you can go directly to the campaign's autodialer site.

Louisiana is a red state but they do elect Democrats; their current governor is a Democrat. Campbell is the underdog BUT he’s got two things going for him. First, run-off turnout is always low, so a strong GOTV effort CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Second, the Campbell GOTV effort is going viral among Democrats all over the country. And if Democrats pour out to vote in this election, he will win. Phone banking to get out the vote (GOTV) is critically important.  Early voting has already started, so please don't wait to make calls!


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